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Before Summer hits, let’s talk about pigmentation!
September 30, 2022 Aqua Beauty

Before Summer hits, let’s talk about pigmentation!

I’ve struggled with pigmentation for ever and a day. With Danish & Irish ancestry, you could say I wasn’t going to win this one easily as a Queenslander! I never tan, I just burn and peel. I remember the first time I saw my skin under the wood lamp (a skin diagnostic tool that reveals the extent of skin ageing and damage), I showed up with dehydration, pigmentation and oil-flow. Great! So when it comes to pigmentation, I know my field and I’m here to help!

Here are 4 tips to incorporate into your skincare routine to avoid pigmentation – and an innovative facial that will guarantee a great start and finish to your summer season, healing existing pigmentation and preventing further damage.

Tip #1 – I know I sound like a broken record, but it’s a no brainer: wear sunscreen all the time. I even wear it when I spend the day at home! Remember to reapply too your face and décolletage if you spend extended time in the sun.

Tip #2 – Cleanse really well in the evening. During the warmer months, I double cleanse, sometimes triple cleanse to ensure that the make up comes off, the sunscreen doesn’t clog up pores and skin is ready for serums and moisturiser.

Tip #3 – Keep up a gentle exfoliation every 3 days, for optimal skin turnover, particularly if you are on a beach holiday.

Tip #4 – Incorporate a Vitamin C serum into your daily regime to reduce pigmentation and sun damage.


Now, let’s talk about facials!

Facials that specifically address pigmentation are a wonderful asset to heal and prevent further pigmentation damage. They go further and deeper into the skin layers, blocking the formation of age spots at the cellular level. And, I’ve got the perfect one for you!

The PERFECTION melano-control facial developed by Ericson Laboratoire is a new and innovative approach to addressing skin pigmentation in the safest way possible. Acting directly on genetic skin pigmentation factors, it lightens dark spots, regardless of their origin, resulting in a clear, more uniform and brighter skin complexion. I’ve tried it on my pigmentation-prone skin and it has done wonders after just one facial!

For the month of October (2022), I’m offering the 75 minute PERFECTION melano-control facial for the incredible price of $165 (save $30).

For a sneak peak of what to expect in this facial, check out this video.

I hope to see you soon!



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