February 2023 GUINOT Special

I’ve got my heart set on GUINOT, and this is why!
February 15, 2023 Aqua Beauty

I’ve got my heart set on GUINOT, and this is why!

Do you find yourself standing in front of towering shelves of beauty products trying to decide between this one or that? The beauty industry is certainly not short on products! And going by the beautiful packaging, the long labels and the product reviews alone, it’s sometimes hard to figure out what’s true, what’s not, whether a product will be good for your skin, and most importantly, whether it will achieve the results you are hoping for.

When I opened Aqua Beauty in 2004, one of the first questions I had to answer was: out of the plethora of attractive beauty brands out there, which ones will I choose? As a beauty therapist, this is a really tough one. But there was one brand I had my heart set on from the very start: the French Institute GUINOT. Why? Of the many reasons I chose Guinot, here are three:

GUINOT is what I would consider a true expert in skincare. In the Guinot laboratory, 50 years of innovation stand hand-in-hand with quality, effectiveness and continual improvement.

GUINOT formulates its skincare products with the best active ingredients at optimum concentrations. This means you don’t get the bare basics; you get a product at its best.

GUINOT has chosen the beauty salon as the only suitable professional facility for carrying out beauty treatments so that, in the privacy of the treatment room, I can examine your skin, give you personalised advice and help you meet your beauty objectives.

One of Guinot’s most exquisite treatments is without doubt the Age Summum Facial. It’s one of my favourites, and that’s why it’s on special this month for $175.

The 60-minute Age Summum Facial combines technology and exclusive movements for visible results on signs of ageing. As your skin absorbs Age Summum, a regenerating serum containing the 56 Cellular Ingredients of the Cellular Life Complex and a high concentration of pure Vitamin C, you will start to feel its incredible soothing effect.

The treatment continues with an anti-ageing Massage consisting of 15 exclusive movements and the application of the Age Summum Serum, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid, to firm tissue and combat skin slackening. The facial concludes with the application of a radiance anti-ageing mask with Pro-Collage.

By the end of your treatment, your skin is once again toned and radiant, your face is visibly more youthful and signs of ageing have diminished. Some of my clients have said it is simply “out of this world”… in a good way!

If you would like to book an appointment for the Age Summum Facial or gift this indulgent facial to a loved one, you can call me on 0404 077 274 or head straight to my booking page.

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