October 2023 Newsletter

Springtime special: Ericson Laboratories GenXSkin Facial
October 10, 2023 Aqua Beauty

Springtime special!

As the vibrant colours of spring bloom all around Brisbane, it’s the perfect time to refresh your skin and embrace a radiant glow.

So I’m excited to bring you an exclusive offer: the Ericson Laboratories GenXSkin Facial for just $175, down from its regular price of $225!

Why the GenXSkin Facial?

The Ericson Laboratories GenXSkin Facial is a rejuvenating experience like no other. This advanced facial treatment is designed to:

✨ Restore your youthful glow: This facial excels in revitalising dull, tired-looking skin.

✨ Smooth away imperfections: This treatment specifically targets fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin texture to produce a smoother, more youthful appearance.

✨ Hydrate and nourish: Springtime can be harsh on your skin, so this facial provides deep hydration and essential nutrients to combat seasonal changes.

A unique, personalised experience

Importantly, the GenXSkin Facial also allows me to personalise the treatment, based on an assessment of your unique skin needs to ensure you get the maximum benefits.

Plus, of course, I’ll add my signature facial massage, which has the double benefit of enhancing the effectiveness of the active ingredients while leaving you feeling super relaxed and de-stressed.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to experience the GenXSkin Facial for just $175. Your skin deserves the best!

You can book your appointment online via my website aquabeauty.com.au or give me a bell on 0404 077 274.

Let’s embrace the beauty of spring together, one glowing face at a time!