May 2023 Newsletter

The Frown Line That got me Thinking
May 4, 2023 Aqua Beauty

I’ve got this frown line that nags me, even more so as I age. It’s the worry line just between my eyebrows — you know the one. When life is good it recedes. When life is stressful, it digs trenches as deep as the Mariana in my forehead. Like many, I’ve considered injectables for a quick-fix solution. However, my experience as a beauty therapist of over 28 years has taught me to seek out more wholesome and gentle alternatives — treatments that respect the integrity of my skin and don’t create a disconnect with the way my body reveals emotions of stress and anxiety.

So, do such treatments exist? Are there effective ways to reduce wrinkles and lines that don’t involve the risks and cost of injectables?

The answer is yes, absolutely! At Aqua, I offer one of the highest-performing anti-wrinkle treatments: the Skinjexion Facial by Ericson Laboratoire. It’s a real powerhouse alternative to medical injections for line reduction and face lifting that combines three active ingredients:

An antioxidant that slows wrinkle formation, a synaptic agent that relaxes skin contraction and a high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to fill the wrinkles.

This facial delivers astounding results: elimination of frown lines, reduction of deep folds and an overall face-lifting effect. You just might have to try it to believe it! And since it’s my special May offer, you win all the way! Make the most of the 60-min Ericson Skinjexion Line Reducer Facial for just $175 (valued at $225)*.

The Skinjexion facial is a great way to unwind, renew your skin as it transitions into winter, or treat your Mum to a special Mother’s Day gift.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, I’m aware that for some, this can be a tough one to get through. At Aqua, we give Mother’s Day a bit of a twist, because as much as we love celebrating the mums who work so hard to love their families, we also love to celebrate the many women who have invested in us, held us, encouraged us and kept us going through the years. I’ve always aspired to be this kind of person and I’ve loved being surrounded by such women as well.

If you want to treat a special woman in your life to a pampering gift, I have a sensational array of facials to choose from as Gift Vouchers. You can purchase them in store or online, and write your personal message directly on the voucher to make it just right for her.

Wishing you a beautiful month of May and a happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful women!


*offer valid until May 31st, 2023.